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Placencia, Belize is a wonderful vacation destination on the Caribbean coast with miles of crystal clear waters and wonderful uncrowded beaches you can be sure tobe renewed and rejuvenated when you return from Placencia, Belize.

There are a variety of options available if you are looking for Places to stay in Placencia, Belize. While Placencia has 3 main destinations in Placencia Village, Seine Bight and Maya Beach, we have taken it a little further to ensure that we give you Placencia Information like no other source.
Our list of locations will then guide you to where you would want to stay and what resorts, hotels or accommodation options are available.
Top 3 Places to stay in Placencia
Chabil Mar Villas

Roberts Grove

Colibri House

The heart of Placencia boasts many interesting mid-range hotels, villas, resorts, cabanas and vacation rental homes. With the village small and everything connected you can get from your hotel to tour shops, gift shops, a variety of restaurants and supermarkets and the beach by walking, biking or on a golf cart.

The famous side-walk in Placencia village is an attraction and location on its own when we talk about Placencia in general. This 1 mile long paved very small road hosts several budget and mid-range hotels, apartments, beach cabanas and vacation rentals. Along with the accommodation options several restaurants, bars and gift shops are placed all along the side-walk. If you don't stay on the sidewalk you must visit it.

Maya Beach located 8 miles from the Placencia Point (Village) is a small but unique location in Placencia, Belize. With a small community balanced with locals and expats you are sure to learn about Belize and Placencia here. The beaches are nice here and much more private and you can find some very nice small hotels, resorts and vacation rental homes in this area.
The Garifuna community on the Peninsula is 5 miles north of Placencia point. With the Garifuna people adding a mix of culture through music and craft you will be able to learn about a people you may have never heard about before. Several nice resorts, hotels and Vacation Rentals are in the surrounding areas of the village itself.
The Plantation area and the peninsula is the furthest north of Placencia point and makes it much more difficult for easy commute to the village. However this area provides some larger resorts, hotels and luxury vacation rentals that provide more all inclusive type or semi-all inclusive vacation options. If you are looking to get away from the crowd and want some seclusion then this may be your best location.
There are several Cayes and Islands off the coast of Placencia that have accommodation facilities that are all inclusive options. If you have a specific interest in fishing packages, diving or snorkeling you may want to look at these options for a few nights out at sea.
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