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Placencia boasts one of the best varieties of accommodation options and activities in Belize with access to gorgeous Caribbean beach and short travel to some of Central Americas best jungle adventures. As a developing tourist location access to travel information is limited and at times biased to the specific company you are looking to do business with for your next vacation or travel needs.

This Travel Guide website for Placencia has been developed to solve that problem and provide the best access to all Placencia has to offer in one location. Our editors and vacation planners thrive in finding the best and most updated information available in Placencia. This site will guide you to the best places to stay (whether it is luxury accommodation, budget hotels, beach resorts or condos and vacation rentals).

Learn about getting to Placencia and Belize, what transportation options and vendors are available and what to do when you do get to Placencia. Where to eat and what to do usually are the next things a traveler tries to figure out, so whether its a restaurant close to where you are staying or a romantic hideway to share a special moment you can find all the information here. Tours and Activities are plentiful in Placencia and choosing the best tours to do while down here can turn out to be a challenge by itself, not to mention which operator to go out with. Placencia Travel Guide will lead you all the way.

As a destination website we seek to have all sorts of other information for all or any traveler visiting the area with access to real estate information, living or investing in Placencia, Belize, getting married in Placencia or just coming to relax.


Getting to Placencia - This can sometimes be difficult especially if you are looking for the most affordable and simple option. We have all the options on getting to Placencia whether by air, bus, private car transfer, taxi, car rental or even shuttle. Our database of transportation providers will keep increasing as we develop this resource site.

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Places to Stay - Placencia boasts some of the best varieties of accommodation options available in Belize with lodging options on the beach, along the lagoon and in the urban village areas. With luxury resorts and hotels, condominiums and villas, vacation rentals and cabanas, Placencia has the variety. Click on places to stay to get more information and remember our site keeps growing.

Tour Provider of the Day
Things to Do - Now that you have figured out how to get to Placencia, Belize and you have found where you are going to stay, the next thing to determine is what you are going to do once you are there. Placencia is a unique destination in Belize with a combination of beach, sea and inland adventure options available. With the barrier reef great for snorkeling and diving, sport fishing and kayaking. Inland adventures such as Monkey River, Jaguar Reserve and Mayan ruin adventures are readily available from Placencia.

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Food & Entertainment - This is the exciting part of a trip, where you get to try new foods and enjoy Caribbean entertainment. While Placencia is not a party destination it has enough entertainment to keep you busy and a variety of restaurants and cafes to keep you filled and eager for more.

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Placencia Real Estate -Real estate in Belize has over the years become the most sought after item in Belize. With its english speaking population, dollar stability and new tourism product, buyers usually have their pick of large pieces of real estate. Placencia is currently booming with real estate opportunities whether you are looking to invest or retire there are many available options. Our site gathers listings, real estate brokers and other investment opportunities that will give you a great guide to buying in Placencia, Belize.

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Placencia Forum - The most interesting section in our site will be the forum dedicated to Placencia information sharing, meeting locals and expats who live in Placencia and just asking for assistance on information that may not be readily available.

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This section promotes the different travel specials that may be available for a Placencia Vacation.