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After finding a place to stay in Placencia, identifying and booking your adventures while here and also determining how you get here we usually are left when traveling with one big question, What are the places to eat and what do people think about them. Placenciatravel.com ensures that no information is not provided and we have put together information on all the Restaurants and Bars that are operating in the Placencia Area. Food and Entertainment goes hand in hand and you would definitely want to do some preliminary planning on some of the places you want to eat and where to go to have some for partying or fun.
Restaurants - There are over 25 different restaurants and food establishments throughout the Placencia Peninsula and Village with some being in Hotels and Resorts and others as individual establishments. Placencia's restaurants are quaint, small and have a personal touch to it. 
Bars - While there are several bars all over the peninsula the main Bars and Night Clubs in Placencia are located in the Village where most of the night life and entertainment is.